An Innovative Approach
Account Management
Exception Reporting  •  Clear Measurement Criteria  •  Supply Chain Visibility
Streamlined Processes  •  Full Implementation Planning  •  Supply Chain Control
Efficient Customs Processes
Automated Booking Processes  •  Improved Data Quality & Flow  •  Control of Freight Costs
Landed Cost Reporting
Single Point of Contact  •  Improved OTIF
Sales Order Visibility  •  Change Management Control  •  Bespoke Reporting
EOQ Management
Information Flow  •  Efficient Billing Process
The Agility Supply Chain Review
Reduction of LCL  •  Offshore Logistical Activities  •  Proactive Visibility
Local Presence
Reduction of Airfreight  •  Automated Invoicing
Proactive Cost Control  •  Purchase Order Visibility  •  Elimination of Demurrage Costs
To Delivering Supply Chain Solutions
Supply Chain Visibility  •  Maximum Container Utilisation • EDI
Management of Carriers  •  Proactive Issue Resolution  •  Full KPI Suite
Managed Inventory  •  Higher Stock Turn  •  Standard Operating Procedures
Continuous Improvement  •  Omni Channel Experience
Inventory Reductions  •  Efficient Load Planning  •  Automated Reporting
Global Network Buyers Consolidation  •  Reduced Inventory  •  Full SOP
Management of Suppliers  •  CO2 Calculator
How do I reduce cost AND add value to my international supply chain?
The Agility Strategic Planning & Continuous Improvement Process
Our Business Globally
Project Management & Implementation
Agility Visibility Tools
Analysis & Results
Why would you benefit from a supply chain review?
Case Studies
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Tried & Tested Proven Methodology
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Introducing the Agility Supply Chain Review
Agility Supply Chain Review Process
Agility Concept of Operations
Publicly traded in Kuwait and Dubai
Agility GIL
Over US$5 billion
Agility Infrastructure
100+ countries
Agility Global Integrated Logistics
372, 700
Top 15 industry leader
500+ offices
Freight Forwarding platform
Portfolio of companies that strengthen trade infrastructure in emerging markets. Each operates under its own brand and management. 
TEUs of ocean freight
Capabilities in Project Logistics, Fairs and Events & Chemicals
Market Position
Presence in emerging markets
Line of Business
Core logistics business; bringing efficiency to supply chains around the world.
Agility’s Two Lines of Business
tons of air freight
global network in 100 countries
Taking personal responsibility for the outcome of our actions by acting safely and anticipating needs, being resourceful and following through until the job is done.
Building a culture based on excellence in thought and in execution to better serve customers. Demonstrate excellence in safety to protect our staff and the community we serve.
Building trust with customers, communities, suppliers and one another by doing what is right, working safely, keeping our promises, being a good citizen, complying with regulations and laws, and honouring rules of engagement.
Working acrossorganisation and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary performance and deliver personal service to customers.
Bespoke, value added solution created and implemented Zero cost to business
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Engage with experts to objectively review the entire supply chain operation
Replace with a solution I already have with the aim at reducing costs Will it  give the  opportunity to innovate or add value?
Replace with what I already have at a lower cost Does not evaluate indirect or hidden costs
Do I benchmark my existing provider / providers?
Put my business out to tender?
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American motivational speaker, life coach and author. b.1960
Anthony Robbins
“ If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got ”
Kevin RolfeDirector – Sales, Area North West, Europe
Kevin CollierImplementation Manager – Strategic Accounts
Strategic Account Manager
Guy CooperBusiness Analyst - Strategic Account Management
Paul joined Agility in a business development capacity for Scotland during April 2007. Having spent a number of years in the European freight market, Paul also previously worked in a commercial development role in both the industrial recycling and medical imaging fields, bringing wide ranging experience in developing bespoke, tailored solutions. In January 2011 Paul took up a position within Agility’s Strategic Account Management team. Based in Glasgow, Paul has worked in business development for over 20 years, including 16 years within the logistics sector.
Daniel joined Agility in 2014 as a Strategic Account Manager.  For the last 10 years Daniel has worked in Commercial Development and Trade Lane Management for a global logistics provider.  Prior to that Daniel has a strong multimodal operational background and is approaching 20 years experience in the industry. Daniel has a proven track record of bringing significant cost reductions to his clients through an innovative and fresh approach to their various supply chain requirements.  Daniel prides himself on his attention to detail in all areas of global supply chain management.
Strategic Account Manager – Life Science
Daniel Mirabitur
Kevin joined Agility as a National Account Manager in September 2000 having previously worked for a number of international logistics companies in both operations and sales capacities. In 2002 he was appointed National Sales Manager and subsequently in 2004, was invited to join the UK Operating Board of Directors where he took up the position of Director, Strategic Account  Management. In this capacity the Agility Supply Chain Review concept was born and specifically designed to approach logistics solution design from a different perspective. Located in Birmingham, Kevin has more than thirty years Logistics Industry experience,including over 20 years in a Business Development capacity.  In June 2010, Kevin was appointed as Sales Director Area North West, Europe and continues to actively sponsor the Agility Supply Chain Review concept. 
Kevin joined Agility with many years of experience as a Freight and Logistics manager in the Hi Tech and Retail sectors. A manufacturing background prior to logistics means that Kevin brings even greater knowledge and understanding of the customer’s true needs and expectations to the team. Kevin manages the Agility Implementation process across the UK business, supported by the Agility team. In his role as Implementation Manager Kevin attends each onsite Supply Chain Review, to ensure that every detail of the operating concept is captured and reflected in the project plan and SOP.
Kevin Rolfe   
Kevin Collier
Director – Sales, Area North West, Europe
Adam Fraser
Implementation Manager – Strategic Accounts
Paul joined the Strategic Account Team in January 2014, as an experienced business manager with an excellent record in delivering supply chain flexibility. Prior to joining Agility he held both general management and commercial supply chain solutions roles and has over 25 years’ hands on experience. Commercially astute, he is a strategic thinker with proven ability to deliver innovative global solutions. Paul is a published subject expert focused on Life Science and Pharmaceuticals supply chains and logistics.
Manager – Supply Chain Solutions
Paul Morris
Adam joined Agility following a successful career as a management consultant.  In this role he advised global business’s on how to devise and implement improved manufacturing and supply chain strategies.  A practitioner of LEAN and Kaizen theories Adam is expert in business process re-engineering and uses his experience to add value, remove waste and expedite flow through the companies he works with. Prior to his consultancy career Adam spent several years in senior operational and commercial positions within the logistics industry working throughout the UK, Europe, Americas and Asia. Adam heads up the team who are responsible for conducting the Agility Supply Chain Review process across the UK business and attends each review personally.
Guy joined Agility in November 2004 and is a key member of the Strategic Account Management Team.  His analytical and problem solving expertise has been an integral part of the Agility Supply Chain Review process since its inception. Guy has over fifteen years experience in business analysis across several business sectors and has successfully applied this experience to the logistics industry. Detailed analysis is a key component to the Agility Supply Chain Review process, it greatly assists in our supply chain modelling and operating concept design. Guy is also responsible for designing bespoke customer reports that provide valuable statistical information that forms part of our Agility suite of KPI reports.
Guy Cooper
Rob is an experienced industry professional who joined Agility in 2007 in the role of Strategic Account Manager. During Rob’s 30+ year career he has occupied both operational and Branch management roles, before pursuing his career in National, Global and Strategic Account Management, where his skills are now applied in identifying Supply Chain improvements and delivering tailored solutions via the Agility Supply Chain Review process. During his career Rob has consistently delivered cost reduction and Continuous Improvement logistics programmes to a wide variety of industry sectors. His proficiency in applying best practice across all industry sectors during Agility’s Supply Chain Review process delivers tangible results to Corporate, SME and new start up businesses.
Business Analyst - Strategic Account Management
An innovative approach - Introducing the Agility Supply Chain Review
Adam FraserManager – Supply Chain Solutions
Rob Eynon
Nikki Urwin-MannNational Sales Support
Paul Fullerton
Rob EynonStrategic Account Manager
Nikki is a key member of the team ensuring consistency across our brand and working closely with the Strategic Account Managers to help them hit their targets.  Nikki joined Agility in 2002 with a background in Regional Sales and Global Account Management.  This expertise is a vital in adding another tier of experience and value to our offer.   Nikki is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the resource deployment for the Supply Chain Review.
Paul FullertonStrategic Account Manager
Meet the Team
Paul GerrishStrategic Account Manager
Nikki Urwin-Mann
National Sales Support
Daniel MirabiturStrategic Account Manager
Paul Gerrish joined Agility in March 2015 and is the latest addition to the Strategic Account Management team. With a strong background in Courier, Logistics and supply chain solutions Paul is approaching nearly 20 years within the industry. A highly motivated individual with a proven track record of delivering added value, transparency and flexibility to customer supply chains Paul has highly developed skills that bridge the various logistical platforms and with his pro-active and can do attitude to business has already become a much valued member of the Agility team.
Paul MorrisStrategic Account Manager - Life Science
Paul Gerrish
Total visibility over material and process flows and associated costs
The review is aimed at understanding the whole supply chain process - It is not limited to the movement of freight alone
Strategies to improve customer fulfilment
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The Agility Supply Chain Review is a proven process that provides demonstrable results and significantly improved supply chain efficiency and productivity
Creation of a fit for purpose logistics solution that delivers the strategic aims of the business
We take time to understand your business in order align our outcomes with your strategic direction
The Agility Supply Chain Review - Overview
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The Agility Supply Chain Review is a consultative, iterative, bespoke process
Identification of inefficiencies that will highlight potential for savings in Supply Chain Costs
We work to ensure the supply chain is lean, agile and demand-driven
Benefits of a Supply Chain Review
We work as part of a joint team that blends your intimate understanding of your business with our expertise in best practice
Agility spend quality time on site with key members of the supply chain during the review in order to:
Non Disclosure Agreement is signed by both parties
Before the Supply Chain Review...
- Align our outcomes to the company’s strategic objectives - Understand the company’s customers’ demands and requirements - Ensure HMRC compliance and look for beneficial regimes - Determine true logistics costs
A Pre Visit Preparation document and questionnaire is completed prior to arrival of the Agility team on site
We take a ‘velvet glove’ approach and all meetings are conducted sensitively, confidentially and kept low profile
After the Supply Chain Review...
Agility conduct analysis of the information obtained during the review
We meet with the project sponsor off site to be made aware of any company cultural sensitivities 
During the Supply Chain Review...
We look for additional value add strategies in the wider supply chain
Agility presents the findings to the clients' Senior Management Team usually 3-5 weeks after the Supply Chain Review
All financial and supplier information received is treated in the strictest confidence. The information is then collated electronically and analysed in detail
Financial and business process analysis
The presentation, in MS Powerpoint, is designed to be a forum for open and honest discussion. We present our findings and operating concept to address the identified inefficiencies in order to discuss our improved process recommendations and potential direct and indirect cost savings
Agility adopt an open approach and it is essential that all stakeholders engage in the process and provide full visibility and transparency of all current processes and associated logistics costs
Presentation of the SCR Results
The presentation of the Supply Chain Review results also addresses the way in which Agility will manage the implementation process, the on going management of the solution and our continuous improvement program
The Agility Supply Chain Review - Analysis & Results
We present back, to the Senior Management Team, a "helicopter" view of our findings, identifying any inefficiencies in the current supply chain model and the results of the financial analysis
A seamless implementation is key to a successful business partnership
Agility Supply Chain Review Process
“ There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all ”
Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author. b.1909
Peter F. Drucker
Live data is just a click away from your Desktop / Mobile Device.
Agility Tracking is a web-based collaborative database application that allows our clients to monitor their shipments all over the world.
What our customers have to say...
“Prior to the Control Tower Implementation, we had little visibility of our shipments and our costs were not under control. Now we have full track and trace available for all our global colleagues and freight spend has been significantly reduced” Mark Edwards – Global Freight Manager, Actavis
Tried and Tested Proven Methodology
“We have revolutionised the way we manage our Supply Chain bringing significant process efficiencies and cost savings. This is a result of the Agility partnership which we continue to develop on a daily basis”. Graeme Trevett, Digital Fulfilment Manager, Lush Cosmetics
This is why Agility are different" Grant J Boultwood, Logistics Specialist, Colorcon
“The results are far in excess of what we would have achieved by simply putting the freight requirement to tender, and we are now benefiting from the experience.” Des Drohan, Inbound Freight Manager, Henkel Consumer Adhesives
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Customer Challenge
Case Study - Lush
As a rapidly growing business Lush were experiencing issues in aligning increased output from their manufacturing site in Poole with increasing service demands from a variety of overseas retail outlets as they expanded their global footprint through a network of owned and franchised business models.  In order to optimise this rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding supply chain Lush engaged Agility to develop an agile, lean and demand driven operating model.EndFragment    
Case Study - Colorcon
Case Study - Henkel Adhesives
Case Study - Actavis
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